Step Parent Adoptions and Second Parent Adoptions

Step Parent Adoption

A step parent adoption is one of the most common adoption proceedings in the United States. A step parent adoption most often occurs when two people have divorced, the custodial parent has remarried, and the custodial parent's spouse wishes to adopt his or her stepchild.

Upon completion of a step parent adoption, the non-custodial parent's rights are terminated, and the step parent and his or her spouse are legally recognized as parents to the child. The adoption will also terminate the non-custodial parent's obligation to pay future child support.

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Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption, also known as a co-parent adoption, is a legal proceeding that allows two unmarried people to be legally recognized as the parents of a child. Often, second parent adoptions are initiated by same-sex couples who wish to share the legal rights of parenthood, but unmarried heterosexual couples may also initiate a second parent adoption.

Upon completion of a second parent adoption, both parents are recognized equally as parents of the child, sharing the legal responsibility and obligations of raising and supporting the child.

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