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What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a broad term that refers to offenses committed against members of the same family or household. The family and household members may include:

  • Present or former spouses
  • Individuals related by marriage, blood and/or adoption
  • Parents, grandparents, stepparents and others living in the household

Typically, a disagreement may start as an argument and escalate into a threat of violence or actual physical violence. Domestic violence charges may include assault, stalking, acts or threats that place the victim in fear of imminent harm, sexual threats and/or rape, child abuse or abuse of a vulnerable adult, kidnapping, imprisonment or false imprisonment, and more.

Temporary And Final Orders Of Protection

The abused party may seek an order of protection from the court, which will order the respondent not to contact the petitioner at home, work, school or elsewhere. The petitioner may be awarded temporary custody of the children, the home, a motor vehicle, pets and more. The respondent will be prohibited from possessing a firearm and may be required to surrender an existing one to authorities. The temporary order of protection is initially in effect for seven days after service to the respondent.

There will be a hearing scheduled and a final order of protection can be ordered by the court, which typically is issued for up to one year, but can be extended for cause. This final order may:

  • Establish financial support to be paid by respondent to petitioner
  • Order supervised visitation rights with joint children
  • Grant ownership of a jointly owned vehicle to the petitioner
  • Order the respondent to stay away from the petitioner
  • Award the jointly owned home to the petitioner
  • Mandate counseling and treatment for the respondent and/or the petitioner
  • Establish other mandates

Peace Orders

Peace orders are similar to protective orders, but are generally for people who are not married or who have not been in a recent relationship, are not related, or do not have a child in common. At the Law Offices of Kimberly M. Glencer, we can help you with both protective orders and peace orders.

False accusations?
It is not uncommon for one spouse to wrongfully accuse the other spouse of child abuse or domestic assault during the divorce process, particularly if there is a dispute over child custody or parenting time. If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, we help protect your rights to continue contact with your children.

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