Equine Law

When horse people have a legal issue, they need an attorney with a deep understanding of the equine industry and how it works. Attorney Kimberly M. Glencer is a horse owner, and has been an avid horsewomen for more than 35 years. She holds a degree in Equine Science, has been a Certified Riding Instructor, and has had decades of experience training many young - and not-so-young - horses for a future career in the hunter/jumper arena. Coupled with a law degree, Attorney Kimberley M. Glencer possesses the legal acumen to help you understand the laws surrounding equine-related matters in the state of Maryland to achieve your desired goal.

Whether you have had an equine-related accident, are in need of a buy/sell contract, lease or board agreement, or you are interested in the formation of a riding program or a small horse business; we can guide you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Put your trust and confidence in the Law Offices Kimberly M. Glencer, serving horsemen and horsewomen all over the state of Maryland.